Award Booking Service – Use your miles!

Award Booking Service is here to help!

  • Have you had problems redeeming your miles and points for flights?
  • Are the flights you find asking for twice as many (or more) miles to redeem?
  • Don’t have enough time to figure out the complex frequent flyer programs?
  • Fed up with not finding the flights you want using your hard earned miles?
  • Are you frustrated with the whole process?

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Benefits of using Award Booking Service:

  • Direct Cost Savings: We can find flights with lower taxes and surcharges to reduce your out of pocket expense.
  • Time: Save hours/days of searching for flights on your own.
  • Expertise: We have booked and flown lots of different airlines and routes and can suggest options to make your flights more enjoyable.
  • Get the most out of your points: We know all the tricks to add on stopovers and open jaws to your booking so you can visit more places for less!
  • Timely Response: We reply to all requests, emails, and questions in 24 hours or less

Don’t have enough miles for the flights you want?

No Problem! We can share many different ways to earn points and miles including: current promotions, eating out at restaurants, shopping online, and many more! You don’t have to pay for a plane ticket and fly in order to get enough miles to redeem for the trip you want. There are many ways to earn!

Not ready to book just yet?

Check out our Blog for ideas, commentary, and tactics for using your miles and points. We cover lots of different strategies, deals, and redemption ideas to get the most out of your miles and points. Cash is king and we strive to save it by using our miles first and buying airfare as a last resort!

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