Diversify the points you earn!

Most people live in a city where one airline dominates the number of flights and destinations. In turn they tend to frequent that airline and earn miles with them. For me that city is Atlanta and "my airline" is Delta. That doesn't mean you have to earn every single mile/point with Delta! You also earn [...]

Chicago Seminars 2012 Wrap Up

I spent last weekend in the suburbs of Chicago, IL to meet up with 499 other miles, points, and travel enthusiasts. I was looking forward to "talking shop", discussing my travels, and helping others in their conquest to fly for next to nothing. I met lots of great people while there and learned quite a [...]

Why use an award booking service?

I have gotten this question a lot so I decided to address it here. Award booking services allow travelers using their miles and points to get the flights they want. Booking air travel with miles is not a simple process in most cases. It requires a lot of time, planning, and knowledge to maximize your [...]