2013 Year in Review

2013 was our first full year in business here at AwardBookingService.com!

We had a great year working with many clients and even meeting some of you at the Frequent Traveler University events and the Chicago Seminars. We will be doing more of the same in 2014 starting with the Frequent Traveler University in Seattle. Hope to see some of you there!

We have helped many people book great trips all over the world by redeeming MILLIONS miles and points. We have booked flights for clients to: India, Europe, Africa, Australia, Asia, South Pacific Islands, and much more! This has allowed our clients to save thousands of dollars on airfare and fly in business/first class overseas.

Our staff have earned and redeemed over 1 million miles for our own travels in the past year too. We are passionate about travel which is why we love to help our clients do the same. We want everyone to be able to see the world for much less than retail price.

Always remember our golden rule: Redeem miles and points whenever possible before using cash! Miles and points only lose value over time so you get the most value out of them today.

Do you have some travel plans you need help with?

We look forward to helping you in 2014 with your travel needs! As always you can submit a request to get started today!