One Way Delta Award Tickets: The Downsides

Delta Skymiles introduced the ability to redeem one way award tickets this year. This was great for many reasons but it also has some drawbacks. We are nearly 4 months into being able to book one way awards. Summer is upon us and we are getting requests for summer travel to Europe which is notoriously [...]

How to be successful booking your next award ticket

In the past year or so using your miles and points to book award tickets has become more difficult. Availability is decidedly less than it was less than 2 years ago. The main reason behind the decline in reduced award seat availability is the improved global economy. Airlines are selling more seats for cash and [...]

Now is the time to redeem your Delta Skymiles!

Lately we have seen quite a bit of negative press surrounding the still unannounced changes to the Delta Skymiles program. This has caused many to start redeeming their Skymiles as soon as possible. These negative changes include: Complete removal of award charts from No low Level 1 awards on Delta flights less than 21 [...]

Caution: Cancelling British Airways Award Tickets!

This post serves as a personal lesson learned that I wanted to share and hopefully save someone an hour on the phone! Last October I redeemed some British Airways Avios points for USA domestic flights on American Airlines for a trip I am taking tomorrow. I got pretty good flights in advance but a more [...]