Book your United MileagePlus awards before devalution

On November 1, 2017 United Airlines are making adjustments to their MileagePlus award charts. Many prices in terms of miles are going up. Soon it will cost more MileagePlus miles to redeem for flights between certain regions. You can find the details from United here.

Most of these negative changes are for premium cabin awards. Economy awards are largely unaffected. Many of our customers use their United MileagePlus (and other) miles to fly overseas in premium cabins. We only have 2 days remaining to book the awards at the lower prices!

Generally the prices of the MileagePlus premium cabin awards are increasing by 5,000-10,000 miles each way. Awards between the North America and Europe saw the least change while further afield awards saw increases as much as 20,000 miles each way.

We have created a chart to highlight the old and new prices.

For United Operated flights the following MileagePlus prices will increase. These are for flights to/from North America (48 states/Alaska/Canada):

MileagePlus United Operated Changes

For Star Alliance partner flights the following prices MileagePlus will increase. These are for flights to/from North America (48 states/Alaska/Canada):

MileagePlus Star Alliance Changes

Also note that any changes to existing award tickets will make them subject to the new pricing structure. It is also important to make any changes you need now to avoid having to spend more miles later.

Out of this devaluation there is one bit of good news! Short flights (under 800 miles point-to-point in the air) are decreasing to just 8,000 miles each way in economy. This is very useful for regional flights to get between places on a trip. For example Frankfurt – Munich or Bangkok – Kuala Lumpur will cost only 8,000 miles + taxes/fess each way. These previously cost 15,000 miles each way! Note this only applies to flights outside of North America.

Frequent flyer program devaluations are common. This is a great example of why it is important to earn and use your miles regularly. Rules, prices, and values change constantly. Be sure to redeem miles and switch to cash back if the balances get too high.

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