Only 4 days left to transfer Chase Ultimate Rewards to Korean Air Skypass

Chase is discontinuing their Ultimate Rewards points transfer with Korean Air suddenly. We could speculate as to why but the and result is Chase is losing a valuable transfer partner. Korean Air Skypass is known for its more difficult redemption process but they did have some good sweet spots on their award chart when you [...]

Focus on Earning Transferable Points

A question we get quite often: "Which miles should I earn?" Our response is usually: "What are your travel goals?" -- just as vague as the question asked. The aim is to get the person thinking first about what they want to do and then earn points towards that goal. If the answer is "Europe [...]

Why do airlines offer flights using miles?

Airlines offer tickets for miles instead of real money for many reasons. Marketing, Loyalty, Expiring inventory, and Demand are all reasons award seats exist. We take a look at each reason below. Marketing: In order for airlines to compete they need to offer seats for miles instead of cash. If not they can only compete [...]