Delta Airlines make SkyMiles devaluation again without notice!

Just 2 days ago Delta used to charge 70,000 SkyMiles one way for a USA – India (or vice-versa) in business class. That price has now jumped to 97,500 SkyMiles one way for the same flight at the lowest level. That is a 40% increase with no warning. They still have not said anything since it was instituted.

Delta SkyMiles used to have good value. They were relatively easy to earn, have some great partner airlines to fly on such as Virgin Atlantic, Korean Air, and KLM among others. Over the past year they have been constantly raising mileage prices without any warning or announcement. They no longer offer an award chart so unless you have a saved copy from the old website you have no clue what a good deal for a flight purchased with Skymiles is!

The sad part is they want it that way. Delta is slowly moving toward pricing award tickets to line up with the cash cost of the flight. We here at Award Booking Service have mostly used up our SkyMiles and have no plans to earn more unless they are literally free. Delta is ruining what little loyalty customers have left.

We are urging our clients to redeem their SkyMiles now before things get even worse. There are still some reasonable redemptions for them but Delta Airlines has shown us that they plan to devalue SkyMiles into the ground making earning (and burning them) make no long term financial sense.

We always say earn AND burn the miles you get. You never know when these sudden, unannounced changes will occur and travel dreams get shattered as a result.

If you would like our assistance in using your Delta SkyMiles or any other type of airline points please contact us today to get started!