Flight Review: American Airlines ATL-DFW in Economy

Flight Date: 9/7/2013

American Airlines
AA 1315
Depart 7:45AM
Arrive: 9:10AM
Aircraft: Super MD-80
Duration: 2 Hrs 25 Mins
Economy Class
Seat 16B (aisle seat)

Live Flight Info from American App
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Our flight boarded a little early and the door was shut about 10 minutes ahead of schedule. I was surprised how quickly everyone boarded for a full flight! Also no one had to gate check any bags–a rare feat these days.

Economy Cabin View
Economy Cabin View

We quickly pushed back and had a very short taxi to the Runway. The captain announced we were number 1 for takeoff so we were in the air quickly. After a short takeoff roll we were climbing quickly.

Once airborne we circled downtown Atlanta and then turned west toward Dallas. The captain announced that we would be arriving nearly 40 minutes early!

Seat 16B
Seat 16B
AA Economy Legroom
AA Economy Legroom

I was happy to hear this since I have never been to DFW and wanted to visit the Admirals Club before my next flight to LAX. This would give me time for a drink and a snack before boarding the next leg of my journey.

Shortly thereafter the flight attendants began their very quick and efficient economy cabin drink service. One thing I like about flying AA is that they give you the entire soda can in economy! This not only makes the drink service quicker but also gives you more much needed hydration while in the air. No snack was offered as AA only sells food in economy. No free options are offered.

Ginger Ale - The Whole Can!
Ginger Ale – The Whole Can!

The flight itself was very smooth with virtually zero turbulence. I was seated on the 2-seat side of the aircraft so I didn’t have to “arm rest wrestle” with my seat mate. The flight crew was definitely Dallas-based since they all wished us a “blessed” day and had the usual Dallas accents. Overall they were very friendly, efficient, and did a great job.

My view while in the air
My view while in the air

Also, the aircraft was equipped with GoGo wifi which is a rare find on AA! It was a short flight so I did not pay to use the service. I did use it to check my connecting flight on the American iPhone app (free on GoGo wifi) and it seemed quite fast. Most people on board were asleep as it was a morning flight. I think this contributed to the wifi speeds a bit.

On approach to Dallas the captain announced that we would be arriving to gate C37. I had to make my way to D30 for my next flight so I was happy to have the extra time.

You know you are in DFW when...
You know you are in DFW when…