How to check your expiration date and renew Global Entry for US Citizens

This post is inspired from my own curiosity. I may as well help out my fellow travelers as well!

I wasn’t sure when my Global Entry was due to expire and with some trips coming up I want to be sure I am “covered” for expedited re-entry into the USA.

The process is pretty easy!

You log into your GOES account at:

When you successfully log in you will see your status on the main menu.

Here is mine:




You can quickly check your expiration date of your Global Entry. If you are within 6 months of expiring you can renew. If you have a credit card that offers a credit for Global Entry it is good to know that you can renew 6 months before your expiration in case you have an annual fee coming due and do not plan to keep the card. It also helps to renew before it expires so you don’t have an interruption in your Global Entry status.

I also found this handy FAQ on renewing Global Entry which everyone should read and understand carefully!

When will my GOES membership expire and how soon can I renew my membership?

The expiration date for your program membership is displayed on your GOES home page after you login to GOES.

You may renew your membership 6 months prior to your membership expiration date or anytime after your membership has expired. If you allow your membership to expire, you will need to reapply.

DO NOT LET YOUR GLOBAL ENTRY EXPIRE! If you do you essentially will have to start over from zero and do the long form and interview again!

Make sure you use those credits on credit cards that offer them for Global Entry as well so you spend zero money to save time!