Our 100% Satisfaction Guarantee: We use every possible method and avenue to find seats in your preferred class of travel to your destination. We are confident you will be pleased with the results! If you are not happy with the service provided you will not have to pay anything beyond the initial research fee. You only pay the booking fees once we find you a complete itinerary for your trip. Please visit the Terms & Conditions page for complete details on our booking process and requirements.


Live Miles and Points Coaching: USD $50 per 30 minutes. All coaching consultations are done via an online live meeting.

Flight research fee: USD $50. This fee non-refundable and must be paid up front before research begins. This covers up to 5 desired travel dates in each direction under this fee payment.

Any further research will incur an additional research fee for the extra research time needed.

Each successfully booked ticket per person: USD $150.

All fee payments are made via invoice service in US Dollars.

What can you get for this price?

Example trips we have booked using miles:

North America to Thailand, Malaysia, and Singapore in business class:

  • 12 hour daytime layover in Europe to explore the city and stretch your legs on the outbound trip.
  • Very inexpensive short intra-Asia flights in economy bought with cash.
  • Fully flat bed seats in both directions for the long haul flights.

North America to Easter Island and Mendoza in mixed business/economy:

  • Business class outbound and economy inbound (client lacked miles needed for business class both directions).
  • 12 hour daytime layover in Miami to visit the beach on the way to Easter Island.
  • Stopover in Mendoza, Argentina (wine country) using inexpensive cash short round trip economy tickets.
  • Saved client thousands of dollars in airfare!

Note: We do not work with flights paid wholly with cash. We only consult with clients in using their miles to book flights. Cash segments that may be needed are booked separately by the client.