Reminder: Make sure the airlines have your correct contact info!

Airlines change their flight schedules often. It is important to be properly notified when a change happens in case the change is detrimental to your travel plans!

These days most airlines notify us of any far out schedule changes via email. In my experience they call only about half the time unless it is very close to departure time. It is important to check these changes as soon as you can to be sure the new times / dates will work for you. The longer you have to make changes the better!

Now is the time to log into your airline frequent flyer accounts and make sure your email address and phone number in your profile are correct! You don’t want to show up at the airport only to find out your flight has been cancelled or your ticket was¬†changed to a drastically different time and/or date than you originally booked.

This is especially important for award tickets that have limited seats available and a change or cancellation could cause problems for your trip if no seats are available to get you to your destination. The airline issuing the ticket is responsible for getting you to your destination but making sure they can easily reach you in case of a problem is a critical first step in find a solution!

When we make bookings for our clients we always double check the email address and phone number used in the reservation. When booking online the airline will auto-fill in whatever info they have on file. We compare that to what the client sent us at the time of booking for accuracy.

When booking be phone we also verify with the agent that the info on the account matches what we were given and have them make changes if needed. This is quickly and easily done over the phone. Just make sure to spell out the email address to the agent. Don’t assume they know how it is spelled!

One last step to avoid disappointment is to check your reservations regularly if you are booked for a trip a few months out. No system is perfect and sometimes we miss calls or the emails end up in our spam box and never seen. We always check no matter if the ticket was paid in cash or if miles were redeemed for the trip. Better to be safe than sorry!