Southwest Companion Pass 2014 Update: 91% there!

Here is a quick update on my progress toward the Southwest Airlines Companion Pass. You can see more detail on my strategy for earning it at this post.

SW CC Status Feb 8 2014

So far the following activity has posted to my account and has counted for Companion Pass qualification (100,955):

  • Transfered 50,000 Hyatt points to Southwest for 30,000 RR points
  • Transfered 30,000 Choice Hotels Points to Southwest for 9,000 RR points
  • Rapid Rewards Dining totaling 1,962 RR points year to date
  • Rapid Rewards Shopping totaling 126 RR points year to date
  • Hotel Stays totaling 1,200 RR points year to date
  • 500 RR points transferred from E-miles surveys
  • 600 RR points from an Alamo car rental
  • 50,000 Southwest Visa sign up bonus
  • 7,576 in Southwest Visa credit card spending

I have had some activity that did not count which I backed out of my calculations:

  • Rapid Rewards Dining bonuses: 10 points per restaurant review — does not count for Companion Pass
  • Rapid Rewards Dining bonuses: earning thresholds (earn 1,000 RR, get 300 RR) — does not count for Companion Pass
  • Choice Hotels 300 RR bonus promo points offer above the normal 600 RR per stay credit — does not count for Companion Pass

I have some pending activity that has not posted yet which will complete the companion pass this month:

  • 4,456 in Southwest Visa credit card spending
  • Choice hotels transfer of 6,000 Choice Points to become 1,800 RR points
  • Hotel Stays totaling 1,200 RR points
  • Hertz Car Rental totaling 600 RR points
  • Dining totaling 445 RR points
  • Another 1,000+ in Southwest Visa spending not done yet

The majority of the spending done on my Southwest Visa has been Vanilla Reload cards at C.V.S. and Amzn Payments. I also put all other no-bonus-category spend on the card as it comes up. I have used work-sponsored travel to help complete the companion pass and save me a few reload card fees as well. I should have the companion pass by March 1st if not sooner! With Southwest introducing the new international routes to the Caribbean I am excited to start using it for some much needed beach time! Once the pass is earned I will have 120,000+ points available to use and can also transfer Chase UR points as needed beyond that.

I will provide one last update in March when I have earned the pass with a summary of all activity I did to earn it and details on how long each activity takes to post to your account once completed. Most items come within a week or less!