Southwest Companion Pass 2014 Update: 36% There!

Here is a quick update on my progress toward the Southwest Airlines Companion Pass. You can see more detail on my strategy for earning it at this post.

Status Jan 23 2014

I have completed all of my planned hotel transfers and have been crediting my dining bonuses to Southwest.

So far the following activity has posted to my account and has counted for Companion Pass qualification (40,560):

  • Transfered 50,000 Hyatt points to Southwest for 30,000 RR points
  • Transfered 30,000 Choice Hotels Points to Southwest for 9,000 RR points
  • Rapid Rewards Dining totaling 1,560 RR points year to date

Note: Both of the hotel transfers took around 7 days to post from when initiated. I am glad it wasn’t the 6 weeks I was quoted!

I have some pending activity that has not posted yet which will get me much closer:

  • 50,000 Southwest Visa sign up bonus due any day now
  • 7,567 RR points from spending on the Southwest Visa
  • 500 RR points transferred from E-miles surveys
  • 600 RR points from an Alamo car rental
  • 900 RR points from a Choice Hotel stay
  • ~100 RR points in Rapid Rewards Dining

Once all of my pending activity posts to my Rapid Rewards account I should be up to 100,317 RR points that count toward Companion Pass qualification!

The majority of the spending done on my Southwest Visa has been Vanilla Reload cards at CVS and Amazon Payments. I also put all other no-bonus-category spend on the card as it comes up. I should only have to earn 10,000 more RR points in qualifying activities in order to earn the Companion Pass. I have some work travel soon and I will try to earn as many RR points as I can. Other than that I will continue with Vanilla Reloads and Amazon Payments for the majority of the earning until the target 110,000 qualifying points activity is complete.

Based on my estimations I should easily have the Companion Pass by March! That means I will have 21 months to use it and redeem all the points that I earned. Even if I use all of the points I can still buy Southwest e-gift cards at for 5x Chase UR points per dollar and book cash flights for half the cost. And I would earn RR points on those cash flights to boot!

I will update again in February with my progress after the pending activity comes through!