Terms & Conditions

We are not travel agents!

We do not book airline tickets for cash nor do we help with any upgrades using miles on cash fares. We receive no commissions or other compensation from the airlines or their affiliates. We are highly experienced frequent travelers who use years of experience to book your flights using your miles and points. We do not assist with any bookings that include a cash portion in the fare to cover a lack of points available. We can only assist if you have enough points to cover the passengers on your desired trip.

We do not handle requests involving multiple stops or round-the-world bookings. The amount of time involved far exceeds our service fee (at our discretion) and therefore is not a service we offer.

In the event that a significant involuntary schedule change or flight cancellation by the airlines we will do our best to help you rebook your flights or get your miles and taxes refunded for an additional service fee according to our pricing page.

If you initiate a change to your booked award ticket (either travel dates or origin/destination) and ask for our assistance it will be considered a new booking request and subject to the service fees according to the Pricing page. It will be billed as a new booking. Any change fees and/or additional taxes and charges imposed by the airlines for the changes will also be your responsibility.

All taxes, surcharges, and fees imposed by the airlines involved in booking your award ticket are your responsibility and are in addition to our service fees. They must be paid for at the time of booking using your credit card.

AwardBookingService.com will not be liable beyond the booking service fees paid as shown on the Pricing page.

Our 100% Satisfaction Guarantee: We use every possible method and avenue to find seats in your preferred class of travel to your destination. We are confident you will be pleased with the results! If you are not happy with the service provided you pay nothing beyond the initial flight research fee as long as we have not already booked the trip for you. You only pay the booking fees once we have agreed on the flights and the reservation is made with the airline. The flight research fee is non-refundable in all cases.

What to Expect:

Upon receiving your request and necessary details to find flights we will begin our search. We will email you at the address provided to work out the details of your trip. Please be sure to specify if you are looking for economy class, business class, and/or first class in your request.

Once we locate flights that will work for your trip responding to us as quickly as possible is critical. Flight award seat inventory fluctuates constantly and quickly! If communication is delayed too long the seats you need can disappear.

We cannot always find a direct flight to your destination. Adding a connection is sometimes required. It is also helpful on long trips to have a break to stretch out, have a meal, and relax in the lounge!

Depending on availability and aircraft setup it may be necessary to have segments of your trip in a class other than requested. We will always ask before booking outside of the requested class.

Once a satisfactory itinerary is found it will be booked or put on hold. You will then receive an invoice from us detailing our service fees. You will also receive your complete itinerary for your final review directly from the issuing airline once the ticket is confirmed and issued. This is usually within hours of booking but can take longer depending on the airlines’ policy regarding award ticket issuance.


All communication between you and AwardBookingService.com will be conducted via e-mail. This tracks your request and preferences in writing. We also refer back to it often. We like keeping expectations clear.

As flights are found you will receive more frequent communications from us. We always strive to respond to e-mails from customers within 24 hours if not sooner. Because of constantly changing availability it is important to reply to our emails quickly if something acceptable is found! Delaying response could mean the availability is no longer available when we go to book the flights!

Payment of Service Fees and Airline Charges:

The flight research fee is paid in advance before work begins. It is non-refundable.

Once the booking of the flights is completed we require payment for our services within 24 hours of completion.

All payments for our services are done via paypal.com invoice. All payments of airline taxes and fees will be your responsibility and are paid by your credit card directly.

Thank you for using AwardBookingService.com and have a great trip!