Time to start planning those 2016 trips!

For most major airlines and alliances schedules are opening up schedules for summer 2016 travel. NOW is the time to start planning your trip using your miles and points to purchase your tickets for 2016. Availability on your exact desired dates may not yet be released. The important part is knowing where, when, and how you want to go. This is 50% of the battle.

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Getting a plan on paper (or word processor document or bar napkin) is a big first step towards using your miles successfully no matter what time of year you want to travel. You must plan ahead if you want to get good value from your miles and points. This is especially true if you want to travel during the peak travel periods such as: Spring Break, Summer to Europe, USA winter to the southern hemisphere, USA winter to India, and so on.

You don’t necessarily have to nail down exact dates at this point. At least have a range that will work for you in mind. Then you can start looking at availability and adjust as needed until you find available flights that fit an acceptable schedule. Keep in mind that flying mid week can sometimes help you score desirable/better flights!

As always if you need assistance you can submit a request with us to start the booking process today!

For our own travels we are already planning and booking for the first half of 2016 today! We have spring break in Ireland booked already. We are planning Memorial Day weekend on the west coast and also looking at some other international trips. We had all of 2015 booked and taken care of months ago so now we can look to 2016 and beyond!