Watch out for expiring points!

A lot of programs offer great value for your points. From car rentals, hotels, flights, cruises, and the list goes on. It seems that every major company has some sort of points or rewards system. Saving up points can take time and you want to be sure they are there when you need them!

A lot of these points expire after a year or two. Don’t let this happen!

You don’t always have to do something directly related to the rental/hotel/airline to earn points. Most of the time any activity on the account resets the clock for your expiration date. Common easy ways to reset the expiration clock are:

  • Going out to eat (Dining for miles)
  • Shopping Online (Shopping click-thru portals)
  • Transferring points from one program to another
  • Buying a few points (last resort for large balance accounts)

A great way to keep track of expiration dates, balances, and and other handy information is to use a service such as Award Wallet. They are able to track most points and miles balances (Major exceptions: Delta, American Airlines, and Southwest Airlines) all in one handy place. They alert you if something is going to expire soon. I highly recommend using a tool like this!

Be sure you are familiar with the expiration rules of your accounts. Don’t let a nasty surprise of a 0 account balance happen when you were looking forward to that big trip. A little work now can save a lot of heartache later. Be informed!