Why use an award booking service?

I have gotten this question a lot so I decided to address it here.

Award booking services allow travelers using their miles and points to get the flights they want. Booking air travel with miles is not a simple process in most cases. It requires a lot of time, planning, and knowledge to maximize your value derived from miles and points.

Things to consider:

  • Rules, restrictions, and blackout dates
  • Inventory controls
  • Partner airlines
  • Non-direct flights
  • Flexibility

Finding the flights you want will take some time. It takes a while to figure out all the rules and restrictions. An award booking service helps to navigate all this quickly. We use our extensive experience from many past bookings. We know all the little rules that work for or against you. We also know many workarounds and tricks to get you a better deal!

Once the rules are figured out you have to learn all the different options to get you from point A to point B. Direct flights are the first to “sell out” in terms of using miles and points so a connection is common. This can be a good thing on a long overseas flight to build in a break to stretch your legs, eat, and relax in the airport lounges. You also have to account for possible delays.

Being flexible is key in booking any ticket with points and miles. The reality is that sometimes the exact dates you want are simply not available. It could be a peak holiday season, major event at your destination, or simply that the inventory for miles award seats are all taken. The more flexibility you have the better the chances of getting what you want. Allowing +/- 1 day at the least is a great starting point.

Award booking services save you time and money when booking air travel with miles. Our knowledge and experience allows us to get you the best possible deal in terms of number of miles needed, extra (planned) stops on your trip, and avoiding extra fees when possible. Our service offers a no risk guarantee. Not happy with what we find? You don’t pay a cent!